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QuestionOh my god is everything ok? I hate to be nosey but that was a really intense post. Answer

I’m sorry I can’t talk about it… I just can’t

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QuestionWhat's wrong? What happened? Answer

I don’t wanna talk about it

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QuestionIs everything okay? Answer

Not really…

On a positive note…
I love this picture

If I find out it’s true, I will fucking kill you with my bare hands and sit in jail proudly for the rest of my life.

You better hope it’s not true…

"The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe."
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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 


do you ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes

"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping."
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